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Iran In The Past Week

September 4, 2021


Iran Sets Daily Record For Number Of Covid19 Cases

Iran records daily hundreds of fatalities due to COVID19, and thousands contract the Chinese virus.


Women Are The Main Victims Of COVID19 In Northern Iran

"The majority of people infected with the COVID19 virus in Gilan province, northern Iran are women," according to officials.


Black Fungus maims Hits Iran

Officials have reported about 30% of deadly "black fungus" cases died just in a hospital in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Amid ongoing COVID19 pandemic, cases of mucormycosis found in Iran as it is in a growing epidemic. Reports indicate another ‘highly mutated’ COVID-19 variant has been identified in Tehran.


Iran's Khuzestan COVID19 Deaths Hit Record Daily High Of 70

As one of the worst-hit provinces in Iran, Khuzestan records 60-70 fatalities daily due to COVID19, and thousands contract with the virus — with the age group most affected being ages 25 to 40.


Female Detainee Committed Suicide After Release

One of three girls, who were arrested by IRGC, committed suicide after release. The teenagers, named Tara Ahmadi (16), Sonia Karimi (14), Paria Fathi (14) were detained by IRGC for unknown reason. Tara hanged herself after release.


Iranian Girl Dances As An Act Of Protest

A young girl in Iran posted a video of herself dancing to show her anger at Ayatollahs after the Islamic authorities ordered to ban 'Fine Art' (Drama) in Sooreh Girls' High School.


Iran's Women Enduring Violence, High Unemployment

At least 173 women in Kermanshah, western Iran lost their job due to mismanagement.


Pregnant Woman Dies In Iran

An Iranian pregnant woman has died during delivery in Lorestan, western Iran due to 'medical malpractice'.


Iran Rocks By 'Honor Killings'

14-year-old child-bride Mobina Souri, who forcibly married a Mullah, was murdered (as an act of honor killing) by her relatives.


Iran: Hundreds Of Cab Drivers Lost Their Job

At least 400 cab drivers of Imam Khomeini International Airport lost their job after the officials cancelled permissions.


Rise Among Juveniles; 'Psychedelic Drugs' Triggers Alarm In Iran

Reports indicate a new drug, called "chemical" is being passed on to teenagers and youth. "It is a new chemical that people go into a short-term coma after use it." It has targeted the age group of 12-14 years.


Border Guards Directly Shoot 'Cross-Border Carriers' In Iran

Two cross-border carriers (Kolbars) in western iran were shot to injured by direct shooting of the Islamic borders guards. To make a living & survive, cross-border carriers (Kolbars) ship goods across the borders on their back or horseback. They face serious risk due to climate conditions, falling into rivers or valleys, landmines explosion, and gunfire by border guards or snipers and this is the only way for their business purposes to provide needful for their families to be alive.


Officials Arrested Citizen For Vague Charges

Islamic prosecutor announced that a citizen was arrested for alleged 'setting the statue of dead terrorist Qassem Soleimani on fire'. In mid-August, a video posted online indicated that the statue of Soleimani was set on fire in protest.


Massive Ongoing Fire Breaks Out In Anzali Wetland

A string of fires gutted Anzali Wetlands, northern Iran. According to officials, it has been reportedly started by humans for profitable purposes.


Iran: Monarchist Convicted To Prison

Islamic Court sentenced Monarchist activist Hojjatollah Rafei to six years in prison and penal labor for alleged 'propaganda against IRI'. He was sentenced to 'provide a research on Pahlavi Dynasty' too.


Iran Human Rights Reports

Hadi Atazadeh died in Ahar prison, northwestern Iran after being flogged for unspecified charges. Officials arrested Arsalan Yazdani for his faith in Baha'i & took him to unknown location. At least 37 Kurds and seven activists were arrested in the past month.


Many Villagers Without Identification Documents Deprived Of Basic Rights In Iran

Many villagers without state-issued identification documents mostly from Iran’s underdeveloped border provinces are being denied basic rights in Iran.


Ongoing Rallies In Iran

Groups of municipal laborers, workers, drivers, employees, villagers, peasants, medical staff, and citizens held protests across Iran over 'unpaid wages', 'job issues', 'lost money', water shortages', 'power blackouts', 'high prices of consumer goods', and 'financial difficulties'.


Ongoing Anti-Regime Graffiti In Iran

People and activists in Iran continue to show their outrage at Ayatollahs by writing anti-regime graffiti on walls, telecom junction boxes, and pedestrian bridges in public places.






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