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Abbas (Mujahid) Korkuri was sentenced to death by the Ahvaz Revolutionary Court

Abbas (Mojahed) Korkori, a young citizen from Izeh city, was arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the recent national uprising in Iran and has since been sentenced to execution by the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz. According to the media center of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic, Korkori has been accused of murdering Kian Pirfalak. However, Pirfalak's family has repeatedly denied this accusation.

Kian Pirfalak was a child from Izeh, a city located in the Khuzestan province of Iran. Tragically, his life was abruptly cut short when he was struck by bullets fired by the security forces of the Islamic Republic, while he was seated in his family's car. This heinous crime is just one example of the numerous violence by the Islamic Republic regime that has claimed the lives of numerous innocent victims in Iran.



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