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Iran In The Past Week

August 21, 2021


COVID19; A Joint ‘Silent Massacre’ By ChiCom and IRI

The Chinese-origin Coronavirus has hit a new peak in Iran as it brought the country to the grips of its deadliest virus surge yet after the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered to ban imports of any vaccines developed in the U.S. or the U.K. A daily infection in the country leads the nation to the death of hundreds of people a day. According to the Islamic Ministry of Health and Medical Education, more than 500 people died due to COVID19, and thousands of citizens contracted with the virus in the past 24 hours.


The critical Situation Of Shush Hospital, Iran

The only hospital where provides medical treatment for the people of Shush and Karkheh is partially closed. The doctor-in-charge walked off the job in protest of 'unpaid wages'. The chef also quit his job for the same reason. [Watch Video]


Ongoing Protests In Iran

Five weeks after water shortages and power blackouts sparked widespread anti-regime uprising in Iran, ongoing peaceful gatherings and protests have continued across the country because the people of Iran are fed up with the Islamic Republic. Iranians, who have been continuously harassed and oppressed since the Islamic tyrants took power in 1979, are sending a clear message to the free world that they do not want the Ayatollahs’ regime. The citizens along with business owners, medical staff, peasants, workers, divers, retirees, bakers, students, teachers, and employees held protests across Iran in the past week over 'unpaid wages', 'job issues', 'lost money', water shortages', 'power blackouts', 'high prices of consumer goods', and 'financial difficulties'.

People of Iran chant: 'Death to the Supreme Leader', 'Down with the Islamic Republic', 'We will fight, we will die, we will soon reclaim our country', 'Reza Shah, Bless Your Soul', and 'We want Shah (King), not mullah, God damn you Ruhollah [Khomeini]', and 'Long live the King', 'We want Shah (King), not Mullah, God damn you Ruhollah [Khomeini]', 'Your silence is a betrayal of people in Khuzestan, and 'Iran which has no king it’s all mess'.


Continuous Anti-Regime Graffiti In Iran

People and activists in Iran continue to show their outrage at Ayatollahs by writing anti-regime graffiti on walls, telecom junction boxes, and pedestrian bridges in public places.


Iran's Unemployment Rate On The Rise

The Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) stated that only three out of every 10 Iranians are employed.


Iran Faces Water Shortages

Video posted online shows that a poor citizen, who is unable to meet even basic daily necessities, takes a bath with dirty muddy water while sitting along the street. [Watch Video]


Child Marriage In Iran On Rise

The Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) says the child-marriage rate of girls aged 10-14 has been increased by 10.5% last year, compared to 2019. According to SCI, 31,379 girls (aged 10-14) were married in 2020 compared to 28,373 cases in 2019.


Suicide On Rise In Iran

Iranian woman Avin Molavi (mother of a 2-year-old kid) died of suicide, no reason was reported. The suicide rate among women in Iran is on the rise.


Monarchist Prisoner Went On Hunger Strike

Monarchist prisoner Reza Mehregan, one of those people who wrote an open letter in 2019 calling on Khamenei to resign from office, started a hunger strike for being kept in Quarantine, despite a negative covid test. He's serving a 'five-year prison term' for alleged charges of 'propaganda against the IRI', and 'acting against national security'.


Monarchist Prisoner Granted Furlough

Monarchist prisoner Soheila Hejab was granted furlough on Saturday, Aug 14, 2021. The Islamic Revolutionary Court has sentenced her to a 'five-year prison term'.


Health Taken Hostage In Iran

Prison authorities deliberately jeopardized the health of imprisoned monarchist Hamideh Izadpanah who contracted COVID19. The Islamic officials put her life at risk by denying her medical care. She was finally granted furlough.


Political Prisoner Heydar Ghorbani At Imminent Risk Of Execution

Political prisoner Heydar Ghorbani is at imminent risk of execution after retrial denied by the Islamic supreme court, according to the news.


Iran-Iraq Landmines Are Still Major Menace

'Minesweepers' Mehdi Javadi and Ali Akbari were killed in a mine explosion in Dehloran, western Iran on Sunday morning, Aug 15, 2021. A citizen also was injured due to the explosion. Since the end of Iran-Iraq war, thousands of people (including mine clean up personnel) have been killed or injured by landmines.




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