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Iran In The Past Week

August 28, 2021

Iran Faces 'Tsunami' Of COVID19 Deaths

The China's Coronavirus has hit a new peak in Iran. As the regional worst-hit nation, Iran recorded 571 fatalities due to COVID19, and 36,279 contracted the Chinese-origin virus in the past 24 hours.

Iran's Khuzestan COVID19 Deaths Hit Record Daily High Of 70

As one of the worst-hit provinces in Iran, Khuzestan records 60-70 fatalities daily due to COVID19, and thousands contract with the virus — with the age group most affected being ages 25 to 40.

Iran: One Out Of Every Three Lives Below Poverty

According to the inflation rate of 44% this year, 38% has been added to the poverty line; it means that 36 million Iranians are currently below the poverty line.

Police Arrested 'Dissident Woman' In Iran

Security forces arrested a woman in Dorud, western Iran while she was speaking out against the Islamic Republic. No details reported yet.

Iranian Capital's Deprived Areas Increase

At least 70 to 100 deprived districts have been recognized in the Iranian capital Tehran as the nation's economy would unlikely be restored due to mismanagement and corruption.

Iran: Husband Sets Wife On Fire Following Family Dispute

24-year-old woman Sabri Nalbandi, mother of one, was reportedly killed and set on fire by her husband due to a family dispute.

Iran: Islamic Authorities Reject Imprisoned Monarchist’s Appeal

Islamic officials have rejected the monarchist prisoner’s request for appeal. Arshia Naghavi Anaraki, who is being kept in Bandar Abbas prison, was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. He was arrested four years ago and (initially) sent to Kerman prison. The Islamic court has sentenced him to a prison term for alleged charges of ‘acting against national security’, ‘propaganda against IRI’, and ‘insulting the supreme leader and the founder of IRI’.

Monarchist Prisoner Granted Furlough

The Monarchist prisoner, Shakila Monfared was granted furlough on Monday. She was sentenced to six years in prison which finally was reduced to 4 years and two months.

Islamic Authorities Continue To Pressure Upon Monarchist Prisoners

Family of Monarchist, Khaled Pirzadeh, whose loved one is being kept in prison, has been received an eviction order for unknown reason. Reports say the order was issued by using intelligence services’ influence. Following the eviction order, security forces raided Khalid Pirzadeh's home, created an atmosphere of high fear for his wife and their 10-year-old daughter. However, "the landlord has stated that he is completely unaware of the incident." Khaled Pirzadeh has been on a hunger strike since Monday in protest of 'parole denial - while he should be granted it, based on the law-', 'being kept among inmates convicted of dangerous crimes', and 'cruel and inhuman treatment of his family by security officials.' The Islamic court sentenced Khaled to seven years in prison for ‘acting against national security’, and ‘insulting the supreme leader’.

Monarchist Taken Back To Prison

Monarchist prisoner, Soheila Hejab who was granted a short-term furlough, was taken back into prison on Tuesday. She was sentenced to a five-year prison term by the Islamic court.

Border Guards Directly Shoot 'Cross-Border Carriers' In Iran

Video posted online shows the Islamic forces are directly shooting cross-border carriers (Kolbars) in western iran. To make a living & survive, cross-border carriers (Kolbars) ship goods across the borders on their back or horseback. They face serious risk due to climate conditions, falling into rivers or valleys, landmines explosion, and gunfire by border guards or snipers and this is the only way for their business purposes to provide needful for their families to be alive.

Iran: Soldier Died Of Suicide

Iranian soldier Mohammad Javad Ahmadi died of suicide. He hanged himself, no reason was reported. Iran mandatory military is compulsory for males, aged between 18 and 49.

Protests Continue In Iran

6 weeks after water shortages and power blackouts sparked widespread anti-regime uprising in Iran, ongoing peaceful gatherings and protests have continued across the country because the people of Iran are fed up with the Islamic Republic. Iranians, who have been continuously harassed and oppressed since the Islamic tyrants took power in 1979, are sending a clear message to the free world that they do not want the Ayatollahs’ regime. The citizens along with business owners, medical staff, peasants, workers, divers, retirees, bakers, students, teachers, and employees held protests across Iran in the past week over 'unpaid wages', 'job issues', 'lost money', water shortages', 'power blackouts', 'high prices of consumer goods', and 'financial difficulties'.

People of Iran chant: 'Death to the Supreme Leader', 'Down with the Islamic Republic', 'We will fight, we will die, we will soon reclaim our country', 'Reza Shah, Bless Your Soul', and 'We want Shah (King), not mullah, God damn you Ruhollah [Khomeini]', and 'Long live the King', 'We want Shah (King), not Mullah, God damn you Ruhollah [Khomeini]', 'Your silence is a betrayal of people in Khuzestan, and 'Iran which has no king it’s all mess'.

Ongoing Anti-Regime Graffiti In Iran

People and activists in Iran continue to show their outrage at Ayatollahs by writing anti-regime graffiti on walls, telecom junction boxes, and pedestrian bridges in public places.


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