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Iran In The Past Week

September 11, 2021

Prison Term For The Accused Of 'Iran’s 'Billions Petrochemical Fraud
On September 5, 2021, the judiciary spokesperson in Iran announced the sentences against the accused of 'Iran’s 'Billions Petrochemical Fraud Case'. Reza Hamzehlu (CEO), Abbas Samimi (Vice President), Alireza Alaei Rahmani (board member), Mostafa Tehrani Safa (board member), Mohsen Ahmadian (commercial manager), and Marjan Sheikholeslami Aleagha (CEO of Deniz and Hatra companies) have been sentenced to 20yrs in prison each, 74 lashes, permanent deprivation of any official job, and fines (the amount of money earned through criminal acts). By using her political assets, Marjan has stolen a large sum of Iranian wealth and trades in a safe country (Canada).

Iran's Cities Deprived Of Medical Equipment
The city of Shabankareh (with a population of 23,000) in Bushehr Province, southern Iran has no ambulance in the midst of COVID19 pandemic.

Iran: Husband Brutally Tortured His Wife
Iranian woman Soobiyeh Fekri was brutally tortured by her husband and father-in-law. The signs of injuries are found on her body, according to the reports. Her husband also directly shot in her hand.


Iran: Four-Year-Old Girl Shot To Injure
Security officials directly shot a four-year-old girl Haya Payam to injure in western Iran.


Iran: Suicide Rate Rocks Among Housewives
More than 64% of those who attempt suicide in Iran are mostly women (housewives). Suicide in Iran occurs with the age group most affected being ages 25-34.


Iran Faces Increasing Suicide Rate
Iran is facing a wave of soaring death tolls due to suicide. Suicide rate has skyrocketed in Iran. Based on reports, more than 5,542 people died due to suicide last year. The number of suicide statistics increased significantly compared to 2019.


Border Guards Shoot dead 'Cross-Border Carriers' In Iran
The cross-border carrier (Kolbar) Mohammadkhaled Abdollahzadeh, father of two, was shot dead in western Iran by direct shooting of the Islamic borders guards. To make a living & survive, cross-border carriers (Kolbars) ship goods across the borders on their back or horseback. They face serious risk due to climate conditions, falling into rivers or valleys, landmines explosion, and gunfire by border guards or snipers and this is the only way for their business purposes to provide needful for their families to be alive.


Monarchist Prisoner Deprived Of Her Basic Rights
The Islamic officials have denied monarchist prisoner Soheila Hejab the medical treatment that she needs. The Islamic Revolutionary Court has sentenced her to a 'five-year prison term'.


Anti-Hijab Jailed Activist Threatened To Death
Anti-hijab actvist Saba Kord Afshari, who is kept at Qarchak Prison, was threatened to death by inmates. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison for 'promoting corruption and prostitution,' 1.5yrs for 'propaganda against IRI,' and 7.5 years for 'association and collusion against national security.' According to Article 134 of Islamic Penal Code, 7 years and 6months of conviction must be served.


Iranian Young Man Shot Dead By Islamic Agents
Islamic security forces in Karaj, near the Iranian capital, shot a resistless man in head, and killed him who was already under arrest - even though he (Morteza Jafari) was calm in front of others.



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