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Manouchehr Bakhtiari was charged by the investigator of Branch4th of public and revolutionary Court

On, March 13th this year, Manouchehr Bakhtiari, a pro-monarchy political prisoner detained in the Central Prison of Choubindar, Qazvin, was charged by the investigator of Branch 4th of the Public and Revolutionary Court of Qazvin Province.

The interrogation session of Manouchehr Bakhtiari took place via video conference after transferring him to the administrative section of Choubindar Prison in Qazvin. He presented his defense regarding the accusation of "spreading falsehoods through computer" to the investigator of Branch 4 of the Public and Revolutionary Court

He faced new legal charges while he had already been sentenced to six months of imprisonment by Judge Habibollah Amiri, for another case formed during his detention This new case emerged following the publication of an audio file in the fall of this year on Manouchehr Bakhtiari's social media, and this political prisoner was summoned to Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court of Karaj for clarification of charges. After a trial, he was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for "assembly and collusion with the intent to disrupt the country's security through forming groups and factions in the Social media," one year of imprisonment, and 74 lashes for "spreading falsehoods in the social media," one year of imprisonment for "anti-establishment propaganda," and another year of imprisonment for "disturbing public minds.



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