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Manouchehr Bakhtiari was re-sentenced to eighteen years of imprisonment and seventy-four lashes

Manouchehr Bakhtiari, the father of Pouya_Bakhtiari and a monarchist political prisoner, faced a new case opened against him by the judiciary in prison. The Revolutionary Court Branch One in Karaj sentenced him to eighteen years in prison and seventy-four lashes.

The charges include conspiracy to commit crimes against national security, establishment, and management of a group on social media to disrupt national security, spreading falsehoods, anti-system propaganda, disturbing public opinion, and collaborating with anti-establishment groups.

The judge overseeing this travesty is a person named Seyyed Mosa Assef al-Hosseini. Manouchehr Bakhtiari is currently held captive in Choubindar Prison in Qazvin.



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