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New summons for Sepehri family members

Asghar Sepehri, regarding the new summonses for his family members, wrote: "The policy of the Islamic Republic over the past 45 years has been to respond to embezzlement by arresting investigative journalists and to respond to the killing of Qasem Soleimani by downing a passenger plane. This time, Israel's attack on the destruction of Hamas following the 'Operation Guardian of the Walls,' and subsequently the killing of IRGC commanders in Syria, has led to the initiation of legal action against the Sepehri family.

Three summonses have been issued by the manager of Branch 5 of the Revolutionary Court in Mashhad, Soheila Ghaemi, as follows:"

Fatemeh Sepehri: The specific charges in the new case are not clear, but based on a conversation with investigator Ali Soleimani Marshak in prison, she is being prosecuted for condemning Hamas' terrorist attack last year.

Mohammad Hossein Sepehri: The content of the new case is not clear, but based on conversations with the investigator, my brother's charges include conspiracy to disrupt domestic security and propaganda activities against the regime.

Hossein Sepehri: My brother is being tried on charges of conspiracy to disrupt domestic security.

On May 6th, Mohammad Hossein Sepehri and Fatemeh Sepehri participated in a virtual court session from Vakilabad Prison, and Hossein Sepehri attended in person at a court in Mashhad.

Khossrow Aliekordi, the lawyer for my sister and brothers in Vakilabad Prison, is detained. The court did not accept the power of attorney submitted by Javad Aliekordi, and my brother and sister must choose lawyers approved by the judiciary.

My brothers were arrested last year when they were following up on my sister's surgery at Qaem Hospital. Hossein Sepehri was released on bail after 3 months of detention, but Mohammad Hossein Sepehri remains in prison.



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