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#RezaNorouzi, a political prisoner was reportedly assaulted in Tehran's Great Prison

#RezaNorouzi, a political prisoner and advocate for Iran's constitutional monarchy, was reportedly assaulted in Tehran's Great Prison. According to Norouzi's defense attorney, he was attacked by a fellow inmate who had been convicted of violent crimes in Ward Four of the prison.

On May 4th, Norouzi was unexpectedly transferred from Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj to Tehran's Great Prison, without prior notification.

In 2021, Norouzi, along with his wife and two children, set his Nissan car on fire at Tehran's 24 Esfand Square as a form of protest. He was arrested for chanting slogans against the Islamic Republic and supporting exiled Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, and was subsequently sentenced to five years in prison.

Additionally, in August 2022, he was sentenced to pay a fine of 18 million tomans and received 74 lashes for "disrupting prison order" in another case related to Kachuyi Food Complex.


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