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Significant conference on 'Iranianism inBerlin.

In Berlin, the InterContinental Hotel was the venue for a significant conference on 'Iranianism,' co-organized by The Iranian Americans For Liberty and The Iranian Resurgence Party.


The conference brought together influential political figures and activists, aiming to forge a collaborative and unified approach to the future. The event featured a series of discussions led by renowned speakers, each an expert in their field.


The central point of debate was the delineation of 'Iranianism' in contrast to 'Globalism,' 'Islamism,' and 'Ethnicism.' The participants argued for a recognition of Iran's cultural heritage as one that goes beyond Islamic boundaries, a key distinction that was underscored throughout the discussions.

The conference served as a crucible for engaging and profound dialogue, promoting a nuanced appreciation of Iranian cultural identity, separate from religious implications.

Berlin, November 25th


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