The role of AbrArvan company (ArvanCloud) in the massacre of the Iranian people during the nationwid

In November 2019 also known as the Bloody November, the serious nationwide protests erupted across Iran after an abrupt decision by authorities to hike the price of gasoline, the Islamic Republic carried out a mass killing by cutting off domestic and foreign communication networks.

According to Reuters, only in the early days of the protests, which began on the evening of October 15th, more than 1,500 people were killed by the regime's agents. On October 16th, by order of the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 98% of Iran's Internet was cut off, and only a limited part of AsiaTek, Afranet, and Mobinnet data centers was connected to the World Wide Web.

Meanwhile, the internal servers of ArvanCloud Company, which is located in AsiaTek data center, were among the few companies connected to the global Internet in November 2019. ArvanCloud first tried to connect some internet projects that would not threaten the regime to the global internet through this access, but since the same amount of internet could be dangerous for transmitting domestic news, they moved the servers inside the country and used the company's cloud. That created an intranet and allowed the regime's oppressors to continue their repression safely, as they were no longer under pressure from the regime's securities to cut off the internet.

Infrastructure development
Abraravan recently announced that it had increased the company's CDNs, hence increasing the speed of access to information.

As seen in the picture above, the facilities for accessing the servers have been expanded by this company in more than forty cities globally.
Examining the corporate records of the company's sponsors and business partners reveals many dark spots in this Anformatic project.

The story of ArvanCloud (AbrArvan) (maybe it can be substituted with: About ArvanCloud(AbrArvan))

ArvanCloud was founded in 2015 as a startup developing a project called AbrIran. AbrIran founders included four people who previously worked for the Shuttle Internet Services Company.
The so-called co-founders are Mehdi Bahadori, Pouya Pirhosseinlou, Farhad Fatemi, and Alireza Hashemi.
Currently, the composition of the board of directors consists of Keyvan Jamebezorg, Pouya Pirhosseinlou, and Farhad Fatemi.
Currently, the composition of the board of directors consists of Keyvan Jamebezorg, Pouya Pirhosseinlou, and Farhad Fatemi. The main sponsor of the company is Fanap Holding, which operates directly under Pasargad Bank.

Pasargad Bank was included in the secondary sanctions list by the US government in September 2020. Today, almost every Iranian performs at least a few transactions per day on the platform of ArvanCloud.
On his Twitter account, Azari Jahromi, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, first introduced Abraravan to Iranians in April 2018.

Key members of ArvanCloud

Kaivan JameBozorg

He is mentioned as the most critical link of ArvanCloud to governments.
He plays a significant role in the growing collections trend under his management by being a member of the directors' board of 13 companies, including two companies directly affiliated to Pasargad Bank.
In October 2020, he participated in the sixth round of elections of the Computer Trade Union Organization (Nasr) of Tehran Province of the NasreFaragir Group. He became the seventh candidate of the Board of Directors of the Tehran Computer Trade Union Organization.

Cooperating in the government projects
Observing the customers of this company, we wonder why ArvanCloud has not been subjected to sanctions yet. Most of the clients of ArvanCloud are the essential characteristics of the Islamic Republic.
Among them, the most important of one is the National Iranian Oil Company, which provides the significant financial resources of the Islamic Republic.
The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, the propagandist organ of the repressive regime, is one of the biggest and significant clients of ArvanCloud.

In the following list, only a few clients of Abraravan is introduced:

- Ministry of Interior
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Ministry of Agriculture - Jahad
- Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
- Ministry of Energy
- Expediency Discernment Council
- The Parliament of Iran
- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
- Municipality
- Community Organization
- Pasargad Bank
- Saman Bank
- Ayandeh Bank
- Tosee Taavon Bank
- Evand
- Iranian Students News Agency
- Navad (90)
- Young Journalists Club

These are only some of the activities of ArvanCloud company connected/related to the Islamic republic regime. However, the most critical activity of this company is cooperation with the Ministry of Communications to design and develop the Intranet.

On January 13th, 2021, during a ceremony with the attendance of Amir Nazemi, Deputy Minister of Communications, and two private consortia, ArvanCloud-Fanap and XaaS-Cloud, were introduced as the first cloud operators in the country to develop the national information network and e-government.

According to the letter above, in part of the contract, the possibility of eavesdropping on all equipment and services has been granted to the company in the case of national defense and public security.
It is not clear what the possibilities of legal hearing include, which is mentioned in the contract clause.
This legal bug allows the Islamic Republic to eavesdrop and monitor citizens' information.

What should we do?

Given the above, the company, which provides information services to many projects to suppress and circumvent the sanctions of the Islamic Republic, should be introduced to other countries, and by imposing sanctions and restrictions upon the company, the possibility of another catastrophe such as November should be eliminated. ArvanCloud Company is an explicit example of the regime's use of modern knowledge and technology to proceed with its terrorist goals in Iran and the world.

By Research department of Farashgard Foundation

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