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The role of Arvan Cloud company in the massacre of Iranians in November 2019

The Islamic Republic carried out a mass killing in November 2019 by shutting down domestic and foreign communication networks after authorities abruptly decided to raise fuel prices, leading to severe nationwide protests in Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran killed more than 1,500 people during the initial days of the Protests on October 15, And on October 16, the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic ordered the shutdown of 98% of Iran's Internet. The World Wide Web was only partially accessible from the data centers of Asia tech, Afrant, and Mobinnet. (1)


Abr Arvan is an Iranian content delivery network and cloud service company. It offers free cloud services to 300 Iranian companies, VOD, Radar (network availability), Object Storage, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform. Abr Arvan is the eighth CDN provider in the world.

The internal servers of the Abr Arvan Company were located in the data center of Asia tech.

As one of the few companies connected to the global internet in November 2019, Abr Arvan initially attempted to connect some internet projects that did not threaten the Islamic Republic to the global internet through this access. However, as the same amount of internet could be dangerous for the transmission of internal messages, they moved the servers inside the country and used the company's cloud, creating an intranet that allowed the regime opposers to continue their opposition safely, as they were no longer under pressure from the regime's security forces to shut down the Internet.

Infrastructure development

Abr Aravan recently announced that it has expanded the company's content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN), to accelerate access to information. This corporation has increased its server access facilities in more than forty cities throughout the world.

By examining the sponsors' and partners' financial records, Many issues can be recognized with this Anformatic project.

Abr Arvan


Noyan Abr Arvan Co. was founded in 2015 as a startup in the integrated cloud computing domain. This company provides products like public content delivery network (CDN), cloud security, video platform, live broadcasting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The main idea and existential function of Abr Arvan company were to provide cloud security services. Almost every Iranian uses the Abr Arvan platform for transactions.

The four founders of Abr Iran had previously worked for Shatel Internet Services Company. The alleged co-founders are Mehdi Bahadori, Pouya Pirhosseinloo, Farhad Fatemi, and Alireza Hashemi. The board of directors consists of Kaivan JameBezorg, Pouya Pirhosseinloo, and Farhad Fatemi. The main sponsor of the company is Fanap Holding, which reports directly to Pasargad Bank, A major Iranian bank offering retail, commercial, and investment banking services. The company was established in 2005 as a part of the government's privatization of the banking system.

The U.S. government placed Pasargad Bank on its list of secondary sanctions in September 2020.

Abr Aravan was originally introduced in April 2018 on Twitter by Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, the former intelligence officer who served as the Minister of Information and Communications Technology in the administration of President Hassan Rouhani from 2017 to 2021

Kaivan JameBozorg


Kaivan JameBozorg is referred to be the primary government contact for Abr Arvan.

Mr. JameBozorg plays an important role in the growing collections trend under his leadership. He was a member of the Board of Directors of 13 companies, including two companies owned by Pasargad Bank.

In October 2020, Mr. JameBozorg participated in the sixth round of elections of the computer Guild Association of Tehran province of Nasre Faragir Group. Mr. JameBozorg then became the seventh candidate for the board of this organization.



Collaborations on government projects observing the customers of this company customers raise the question of why Abr Arvan has not been sanctioned. The majority of Abr Arvan's clients are crucial components of the Islamic Republic. A notable example is the National Iranian Oil Company, a governmental-owned national oil and natural gas producer and distributor under the direction of the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran which supplies the Islamic Republic with its essential financial resources.

Another example of Abr Arvan's biggest and most significant clients is the Radio of the Islamic Republic's propaganda outlet.



The following list consists of Abr Aravan clients

- Ministry of Interior

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Ministry of Agriculture Jahad

- Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

- Ministry of Energy.

- The Parliament of Iran.

- The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

- Municipality

- Pasargad Bank

- Iranian Students News Agency

- ITIRAN - Navad (90)

- Young Journalists Club


These are only a few examples of the activities of the Abr Arvan company and its cooperation with the Islamic Republic. However, this company's cooperation with the Ministry of Communications in the design and implementation of the intranet is its most significant endeavor.

Two commercial consortia, Abr Arvanloud-Fanap and XaaS-Cloud were introduced as the first cloud operators to construct the national information network and e-government on January 13, 2021, at a ceremony attended by the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Amir Nazemi.

The company was given the authority to wiretap all equipment and services of communication in the case of national defense and public safety in a contract.

It is not clear what the possibilities of judicial hearing mentioned in the clause of the contract include. This legal bug enables the Islamic Republic to intercept and monitor its citizen's communications.


The Abr Arvan company exemplifies how the Islamic Republic exploits advanced technologies to further its support for terrorism in Iran and abroad. Companies that provide information services to circumvent sanctions should be reported and subjected to sanctions and restrictions in order to avert disasters such as the bloody November.




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