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Ashkan Baloch ended his life after three suicide attempts.

Ashkan Baluch, a detainee of Iran's national uprising, ended his life after three suicide attempts. His family stated: 'The Islamic Republic killed Ashkan.'

His friends and fellow inmates in Fashafuyeh prison described the excruciating torture he endured: AshkanBaluch, son of Dariush and Nikoo, was subjected to severe physical and mental torture during detention, and endured immense pressure, physical strain, and severe torture, leading to depression.

Judicial authorities coerced him into forced confessions.

According to the prison's neurologist's prescription, he took pills, not for treatment but solely for control.

During his initial detention, Ashkan had cut the veins in his left wrist and neck using a canned food lid in the prison bathroom.

He was transferred to a Hospital in Tehran, but there, he threw himself from the third floor. Following this tragedy and Ashkan's spinal cord injury, his family took him to Tabriz. A few days ago, he was summoned to the courthouse but instead chose to end his life at home.


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