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Family of Mohsen Mohammadi has been facing threats to their safety

The family of Mohsen Mohammadi Kochak Saraei, who was one of the victims of the recent nationwide uprising in Iran, has been facing threats to their safety. The security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran fired gunshots at their home, promptingMohsen Mohammadi Kochak Saraei's sister, to address the authorities via her Instagram page. In her post, she challenged the regime by writing, "You killed my brother with a bullet, do you think you can intimidate us by firing three bullets at our windows?"

Mohsen Mohammadi Kochak Saraei, a 37-year-old father, was among those who lost their lives during the Iranian nationwide uprising in September of last year in the city of Qaemshahr. He was fatally shot by the security forces of the Islamic Republic.



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