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Fatemeh Sepahri has been denied the right to receive medical furlough.

🔸 Fatemeh Sepahri, a political prisoner held in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, Iran, has been denied the right to receive medical furlough.

Asghar Sepahri, a political activist, shared the news about his sister's deteriorating physical condition on his Twitter page. He stated, "Today, on Monday, 10th of Ordibehesht, 2582 (Iranian calendar), my sister #FatemehSepahri underwent her third surgery within the past year due to a mass in her left hand. My sister requires physiotherapy and should not be subjected to the psychological pressure and stress caused by the prison environment. It is necessary for her to be granted furlough in order to recover at home.

Due to her diabetes, my sister needs a proper dietary regimen, and she also suffers from hypertension. Since her arrest on the 30th of Shahrivar last year, cortisone has been injected into her hand several times to alleviate severe pain until today when she underwent her third surgery."


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