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August 7st,2021

Ongoing Protests In Iran

Three weeks after water shortages sparked widespread anti-regime protests, ongoing peaceful gatherings have continued across the country because the people of Iran are fed up with the Islamic Republic. Iranians, who have been continuously harassed and oppressed since the Islamic tyrants took power in 1979, are sending a clear message to the free world that they do not want the Ayatollahs’ regime. The citizens along with business owners, medical staff, peasants, workers, divers, retirees, and employees held protests across Iran in the past week over 'unpaid wages', 'job issues', 'lost money', water shortages', 'power blackouts', 'high prices of consumer goods', and 'financial difficulties'.

People of Iran chant: 'We will fight, we will die, we will soon reclaim our country', 'Reza Shah, Bless Your Soul', and 'We want Shah (King), not mullah, God damn you Ruhollah [Khomeini]', and 'Long live the King'

Continuous Anti-Regime Graffiti In Iran

Citizens and activists continue to show their outrage at the Islamic Republic by writing anti-regime graffiti on walls and telecom junction boxes in public places.

Security Forces Arrested Activists In Iran

Iranian activists Javad Lal Mohammadi and Fatemeh Sepehri were arrested on July 31 after security forces raided a peaceful protest in Mashhad, northeastern Iran. The agents took them to custody.

Nosrat Beheshti, one of those people who wrote an open letter in 2019 calling on Khamenei to resign from office, was arrested after security forces raided her home in Mashhad, and taken her to an unknown location.

Demolition Of Baha'i Homes In Iran

In an attack on the village of Roshankooh in the province of Mazandaran, the Islamic security forces destroyed the houses of three Baha'i families.

Iranian Crown Prince Urges West To Drive 'Nail In Coffin' Of IRI

By pointed to an election turnout rate of 48.8 percent, the lowest since the 1979 revolution, Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi says the demonstrations first triggered by serious water shortages.

"Is the regime fragmented, is it fragile, is it bordering on the precipice? Yes it is, but like anything else, if you throw them a lifeline, they'll catch a second breath and survive a bit," he told AFP in an interview.

"We have an opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin. And we're not asking the world to do that for us; the people of Iran want to do it, but they need some help." [Read More]

Mitra Jashni, executive director of Farashgard Foundation Calls On Iranians Abroad To Amplify Voice Of The People Inside The Country

By appearing in a News Show on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, in response to Jamshid Chalangi's reference to the "national solidarity" of the people in the nationwide demonstrations and protests in Khuzestan, Mitra Jashni says: "The Iranian people are moving ahead of any opposition group abroad. She added that the Islamic Republic is unable to solve the crisis.

Mitra called on Iranians around the world to contact governments and officials of the countries they live in to shed light on what is happening in Iran, and to urge them to take a public stand against the Islamic Republic. [Watch the video in Persian]

G-7 Says Iran Behind Tanker Attack, Threatening International Peace And Stability

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G-7) wealthy economies said Iran was threatening international peace and security and that all available evidence showed it was behind an attack on the Mercer Street tanker last week, according to Reuters.

The Islamic Republic Must Be Held Accountable For Mercer Street Attack

On July 29, 2021, the “Mercer Street” commercial shipping vessel was attacked in international waters by a UAV loaded with explosives. The attack killed two individuals that were on the vessel. This is not the first time that a commercial shipping vessel has been attacked in international waters by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

These attacks on commercial shipping vessels in international waters are believed to have been carried out by the IRI and/or their terrorist proxies. The IRI has but one tool in their repertoire and that tool is terror. They have used suicide bombers against Western interests from the moment they seized power in 1979 and have since perfected this diabolical method with Shia suicide bombers against Americans and Sunnis in Iraq, and now that international waters proved to be a barrier against their agents of chaos, have resorted to the use of technology to continue their reign of terror.

We call on the leaders of the free world to stand up against this terrorist regime, now, before it is too late. President Biden can no longer pretend that his policy of appeasement is working, especially when the lives of Americans and our allies are constantly under threat by the IRI.

If President Biden does not take a strong stance against the IRI now, they will continue to flex their muscles in the region, and it is only a matter of time before American blood is once again spilled in the Middle East at the hands of the IRI.

No more hollow statements and empty threats. Maximum pressure from the United States of America worked and it is the only language the IRI understands. Peace through strength – not through weakness.

President Biden: Condemn the Iranian Regime

The Executive Director of Iranian Americans for Liberty, Bryan E. Leib has called on President Biden to condemn Tehran.

"The time is now for President Biden to get tough on the Iranian Regime before more innocent lives are lost at the hands of the terrorist regime in Iran. Enough is enough, President Biden. Where is your moral compass?" Bryan E. Leib [Read More]

IAL Urges Biden Hold Iran Accountable After Attack On Israel-Linked Shipping Vessel

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on Wednesday, Iranian Americans for Liberty Executive Director Bryan E. Leib called on the president to cease failed diplomacy efforts with the authoritarian regime and “get tough” instead.

“President Biden needs to publicly admit that diplomacy with the Iranian Regime has failed,” he said. “His appeasement policy has only further emboldened this Regime to increase their direct and indirect support of terrorism.”

“The time is now for President Biden to get tough with the Mullahs in Tehran,” he added.

Founded last year, Iranian Americans for Liberty describes itself as a “bipartisan community of Iranian Americans working to strengthen and support US foreign policy and national security solutions that bring democracy, human rights accountability, and freedom of speech to Iranians living under the oppressive, totalitarian Islamic Republic Regime in Iran.” [Read More]

“Today, #SeyedAliRaisi takes over as President of the Islamic Republic in Iran. This Khamenei puppet has executed thousands of Iranians. The international community must prosecute the Butcher of Tehran for crimes against humanity, not grant him the legitimacy he doesn’t have.” Len Khodorkovsky, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Digital Strategy

“President Biden must end his flawed appeasement strategy with the Iranian Regime. He should immediately reinstate Trump's maximum pressure campaign & seize the moment to publicly embrace the Iranian people as they take to the streets in protest of the Regime.” Amanda Makki, 2022 Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress



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