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Iran In The Past Week

September 18, 2021

Nursing Shortages In Iran
There is only a nurse for every 25 patients in Iran, amidst the pandemic in Iran. The standard ratio of nurses to beds globally, however, is four nurses for each bed.


Activist Fatemeh Sepehri Summoned To Court
Rights activist Fatemeh Sepehri was summoned to the Islamic Revolutionary Court again. She was one of those people who wrote an open letter in 2019 calling on Khamenei to resign from office.


Jailed Activist Denied Right To Make Telephone Calls
In an Instagram post, the father of imprisoned activist Atena Daemi wrote that his daughter is being denied the right to make phone calls in Lakan Prison in Rasht.


Iran: Infamous Judge Died Due To COVID19
The nefarious judge Ahmad Zargar, who chaired the Islamic Revolutionary Court where the long-term imprisonment and death penalties are being issued against Iranian people and dissidents, died due to COVID19.


Iran: Infamous Judge Died Due To COVID19
Regarding Iran's frozen assets in Iraq, the chief of Chamber of Commerce in Iran said that 'Relations between the two countries are much more important than the [frozen] money.' 'Over 8 billion dollars from Iraq's debt from energy import has been frozen in the country,' according to reports.


Iran: Remembering wrestler Navid Afkari
Despite severe security measures, the citizens and family of the executed wrestler Navid Afkari celebrated the wrestling champion’s life on the anniversary of his execution.


Iran Faces Highest Daily Number Of COVID19 Deaths
Member of Islamic Consultative Assembly, Masoud Pezeshkian says the number of COVID19 deaths in Iran is higher than 1500.


Iran: Dissident Rapper Arrested
Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi was arrested in a raid his home by security forces on Monday, September, 14 and agents took him to an unknown location. The Islamic forces seized his personal belongings in the arrest.


Imprisoned Monarchist Went On Hunger Strike
Arshia (Masoud) Vazifeh Bejarband is at risk to send to the Razi Aminabad psychiatric hospital, according to sources. He went on hunger strike for 'being kept among inmates convicted of dangerous crimes'. The monarchist was arrested last year for distributing anti-regime flyers.


Amnesty Shamefully Boycotts Iranian Monarchists
AmnestyIran has refused to mention the name of Iranian monarchist, Sasan Niknafs who died due to lack of medical attention in custody. It removed the monarchist's name from its report because of political consideration. Sasan died while serving his five-year prison term in Iran, after the Islamic authorities denied him medical treatment. The Islamic Republic contributed to his death by neglecting his medical care.


Central Iran On The Brink Of Water Crisis
Water and Sewerage Department says Isfahan is facing serious water crisis & water shortages in the field of agriculture. Further, hundreds of villages in the province are facing challenges of drinking water distribution systems.


Prevalence Of Violence Against Iranian Women Is High
According to reports, more than 70,000 women have been affected by conflicts and went to the forensic office. With the highest number of victims, Tehran has been placed on the top of the list.


Food Prices Rise Up To Double In Iran
Prices for daily basic foodstuff have risen in Iran as well as the egg has been almost removed from people's food baskets. The relentless rise in costs in the country acts as a misery multiplier, driving the people deeper into hunger and malnutrition.


Rare Black Fungus Maims Iran
According to officials, the rare fungal disease is reported among COVID19 patients In Iran. Amidst the growing COVID19 pandemic, cases of mucormycosis are found in the country as it is in a heightened epidemic.




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