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The 'Majnoon' project exposing #Reza Mohammad Hosseini

The 'Majnoon' project exposing #Reza Mohammad Hosseini.

Reza Mehregan, a former political prisoner, reported on social media about the pressures from the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence to transfer #rezamohammadhossini to a neurological hospital.

These pressures aim to destroy Reza's character and extract forced confessions from him and his family.

Reza Mohammad Hosseini was arrested on May 1st by Intelligence officers in #Tehran. He is currently imprisoned in Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj.


The "Majnoon" project is a scheme aimed at causing mental instability or madness in political prisoners. Its purpose is to manipulate and harm the mental well-being of individuals who oppose or challenge certain political ideologies or systems. It's a method employed by authorities of the Islamic Republic to psychologically destabilize and discredit individuals like Reza Mohammad Hosseini, potentially through tactics that include forced confinement in neurological hospitals and other coercive measures


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