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Manouchehr Bakhtiari, remains deprived of his right to medical treatment despite the deterioration of his physical condition.

Manouchehr Bakhtiari, the father of the activist Pouya Bakhtiari and a pro-monarchist political prisoner incarcerated in Choubindar Prison in Qazvin, remains deprived of his right to medical treatment despite the deterioration of his physical condition.

Quoting a source close to the Bakhtiari family: "Mr. Bakhtiari, suffering from prostate disease and urinary obstruction, has also developed toothache and dental infection. Recently, due to urinary obstruction, he passed out and fell to the ground before being transferred to the prison infirmary, where only a few medications have been prescribed for him. This is despite his need for surgery and being deprived of access to specialized medical centers." Despite the cold weather, for days, the heating system in the prison has been malfunctioning and so far, no action has been taken to repair it.

On 29 April 2021, Manouchehr Bakhtiari was detained by the security forces of the Islamic Republic at his personal residence in Tehran and sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment, two years and six months of exile, and a two-year travel ban.

In another case opened against him in prison by the judiciary, he was sentenced by the first branch of the Karaj Revolutionary Court, chaired by Seyed Musa Asif Al-Hosseini, to eighteen years of imprisonment and seventy-four lashes.

The charges brought against him in this new case include "gathering and conspiring to commit crimes against national security", "establishing and managing a group on social media to disrupt national security", "spreading falsehoods", "anti-government propaganda activities", and "disturbing public opinion and collaborating with anti-system groups."

Manouchehr Bakhtiari was sentenced to six months in prison in a new case on charges of "insulting the leadership" by the first branch of the Qazvin Revolutionary Court on November 2nd of the current year.

The sentence was ultimately confirmed by the Sixth Branch of the Qazvin Provincial Appeals Court.



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