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Pressures On Iranian Monarchists

Monarchist, Reza Mohammad Hosseini, who is jailed at Rajaee Shahr Prison, has been deprived of calling home. Security officers subjected his relatives to an unnecessarily intrusive search which was described as an "unacceptable" treatment.

They were subjected to an unnecessarily intrusive search by agents before visiting Reza. He is serving his seven years prison term. The imprisoned Monarchist has been deprived of calling home after inmates protested against prison’s dire conditions during authorities' visit.

He was previously beaten by prison medical staff. The Monarchist is serving his 7 years imprisonment for assembly and collusion against IRI, insulting the supreme leader, illegal departure from the border, illegal entry into the country, and refusing to obey security officers.

Agents arrested Monarchist dissident two years ago and finally took him to jail at the end of the interrogation.



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