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The death sentence for Abbas Daris, a has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The death sentence for Abbas Daris, a detained citizen involved in the protests of 2019 in Mahshahr, has been confirmed by the Supreme Court, placing him on the brink of execution.

Fereshte Tabanian, Daris's lawyer, stated, "There are flaws in my client's case indicating he couldn't be guilty, yet the court overlooked them."

"One of the issues was unfulfilled admissions before the judicial authorities.

We also highlighted discrepancies in the ballistics report," she added. "The firearm found in the neighbor's house wasn't proven to belong to my client. Moreover, the ballistics analysis didn't confirm any shots fired from that gun as no bullets were found."

Tabanian referenced the forensic medical report, saying, "It indicated a close-range shot, suggesting it wasn't fired by Daris, especially considering his weak eyesight and inability to shoot accurately even with glasses."

Despite these arguments, they weren't addressed in court, resulting in the issuance of the death sentence.



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